Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekly Challenge #236: "Tangle Unexpected"
This week's challenge is really quite fun, and i'm excited to see how you all approach it! 

The challenge for this week is to tangle on something unexpected.  Something you wouldn't ordinarily tangle on. 

Easier to show the source than try to explain;  A selfie sort of - me reflected in the rain drops on an aspen leaf on a sidewalk.  Image cropped to Zentangle tile size, then manipulated in Photoshop to find the edges and reduce the opacity and color, then printed and tangled.

Interesting challenge, this.  I was tempted just to color or fill in what was already there rather than consider it a string.  I had to release a little my preconceived notions of how this was going to go and what the outcome would be.  I love tangling - one learns so much about one's self.

Happy days!


  1. Hi Dudley. I have to say that I was really impressed with the original photo, so the tangled version just blew me away. Fabulous wor, love it.

  2. I totally agree with Margatet: The photo is gorgeous - especially the colors!! And tangling on a Photo which is manipulated with Photoshop is fun - isn`t it? Your tile is fantastic! And thank you very much for your kind reply to my post - it makes me proud that you like it! Greetings from Dresden/ Germany. Simone

  3. Original photo is awesome, and what a fun way to have done this challenge!

  4. Very Lovely, i can see the pleasure in your work. Beautiful.

  5. I love your raindrop selfie! I must tell you it reminds me of a naughty Facebook thing I saw one time that said "how can you tell this photo was taken by a man?" The photo was a room full of antiques that was photographed for, maybe, ebay or something. I looked and looked, and finally noticed that in one of the mirrors was the image of the naked photographer! Oops! ... That said, I love what you did with the contours of the original and transformed it into your string. This is beautiful! And yes, unexpected!