Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Am the Diva - Weekly Challenge #265: "Stripes"

There on my desk sits this pile of Zendala tiles, and since some of you, my fellow Diva Challenge Tanglers, have complimented my creative and unorthodox use of Zendala tiles, I had no choice but to proceed.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #264: "String Theory: String Into Spring"

My first thought was car springs, bed springs sproinging into Spring, so I went with that.  Zendala tile and too happy with Spring to be troubling my brain with the names of each pattern.  Shading - a bit difficult, but upon stepping back, I guess it works, kinda.  Ah what the hell, let it loose, accept its isness, embrace it, love it.  Did I have fun?  As Joe Pickett would say, "Yup".

The Pre-Sprung Thing That's Just a String Still

The Spring that Sprang from the Spring String - In Theory

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #263: "Globular Grid"

Now this critter was seriously challenging.  Good thing I'm retired.  I think I missed two meals and a nap working on her.  But ya know what?  I had soooooooo much fun.  Let's hear it for pen size 01, yes.  Zendala tile and friends.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Challenge #262: "UMT - Fassett by Lynn Mead"

Finally back after a hiatus while finishing up my Flagstaff 14th Annual Recycled Art Exhibit piece (image below).  This critter is 31x41", made from cardboard, paper towel tubes, egg cartons, rocks, found objects, produce bags, cereal box foil, gift bag handles, paper/cardboard beads, glue, shellac, pyrography, and lots of love.  It won the "Best Use of Materials" and (go figure) the "Elegance" trophies - and it sold at the opening reception.  It was inspired by a post from Helen Williams - http://www.alittlelime.blogspot.com/ featuring her Heartswell pattern.

Here's my Duotangle with Tri-Bee by Beate Minkler - http://beabeadesign.blogspot.com/ - and filled in with Fassett by Lynn Meade - http://atanglersmind.com/blog/ - many thanks to both talented ladies for giving the world these two tangle patterns for us to play with.