Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #252

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #252.  Use a pattern for your string.  I used Fengle for the string and filled it with Betweed, Rick's Paradox and BTL Joos.  And it sorta, kinda became a Zendala, kinda.  Oh, and I used in camera perspective theatrics, coz I could.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Am the Diva Callenge #251

I am the Diva weekly challenge #251:

Use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation logo as your string.  The Moebius Syndrome color is purple.  I drew the logo freehand on a standard Zentangle tile. That explains a lot.  I used a Gelly Roll metalic pen to color Diva Dance and a Prismacolor pencil to color and shade the logo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #250

I Am the Diva Weekly challenge #250 "Bring it Back To the Old School".

Did I ever enjoy this challenge.  I've been feeling a bit blue lately and have deliberately been returning to Zentangle basics and making myself Tangle almost every morning.  I've sensed my mood in the stilted unimaginative tangles during that time.  This week I've started loosening up and have been happy to Tangle and pleased with my "basic" tangles (although Sakura Micron Brown does slip in there a lot).

Today, I'm blown away.  This was fun, fairly fast, inspired, flowing, easy peasy and neato bazito.  Hope it was the same for you.

Standard Zentangle, a string, black ink, patterns, shade with pencil, initial, sign the back, admire.  I used Fescu, Zinger, some dots, Mooka Fengle Tanglation, Weird Umble, Oddball Cirquital, Cubine and A Real Rixty - and maybe a couple other filler like thingies.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #249: "Duotangle: Celebrate with DivaDance and Auraknot"

I love Auraknot although I seldom tangle it because it always looks mechanical and contrived from my hand.  I love, love, love Diva Dance, so this was a no brainer - just do it and have fun; which I did.  Tada!  Auraknot still looks mechanical and contrived.