Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekly Challenge #236: "Tangle Unexpected"
This week's challenge is really quite fun, and i'm excited to see how you all approach it! 

The challenge for this week is to tangle on something unexpected.  Something you wouldn't ordinarily tangle on. 

Easier to show the source than try to explain;  A selfie sort of - me reflected in the rain drops on an aspen leaf on a sidewalk.  Image cropped to Zentangle tile size, then manipulated in Photoshop to find the edges and reduce the opacity and color, then printed and tangled.

Interesting challenge, this.  I was tempted just to color or fill in what was already there rather than consider it a string.  I had to release a little my preconceived notions of how this was going to go and what the outcome would be.  I love tangling - one learns so much about one's self.

Happy days!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekly Challenge #235: "String Theory: Stripes"

Thanks once again to Laura for a wonderful way to stimulate my creative self.  Much fun.

This week's challenge is to take your pencil and draw stripes across your tile or paper to create your string.   Simple as that. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And now, as The Diva herself said:

Weekly Challenge #233: "New Official Tangle - Zenith"

Just a few of the thoughts I had before, during and after:

  • Neat new pattern "Zenith" - easy peasy, it will be so beautiful as a Zendala.
    • Whoops, what did the step out say - "Even though the strokes on this tangle are simple, we encourage you to tangle it a few times. "
  • Run away, run away!!
  • There are no mistakes - keep going, it will be beautiful.
  • Wipe out!
  • Lakota Tribal Wisdom - "When you find yourself riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount"
  • Really DuHdley, you can draw a 3rd abnormal form of Arukas;  it will be beautiful.
So here it is folks, my commitment to keep going, there are no mistakes, to the meditation practice and the beautiful art form of Zentangle, and (shudder) to sharing.

Be happy, be well